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Our story

In 2011, two specialists, a web developer & programmer and a marketing & sales consultant, each with over 10 years of experience in their respective fields, decided to open up an online marketing solutions inc. to service the many businesses that do not have their own marketing departments.

Throughout the years of servicing small and medium clients, we have built a strong team of online solutions experts and programmers with expertise in web design, copywriting, editing, content marketing and social media marketing. We have been contracted out by large agencies to work on reputable clients and this has allowed us to get an in-depth knowledge of building and developing solutions for million-dollar websites, and hence gaining a full spectrum of experience on providing solutions for clients of all sizes.

As we are a team of “mobile” marketing and IT experts with no office space to maintain, no administration cost, and no payroll cost, we ensure you’ll get expert advice and measurable result at a very competitive rate. When working with us, it’s like having your own marketing department without having to incur the cost of having one.

Our Mission is to help businesses gain loyal and engaged customers by providing online marketing strategies and solutions with measurable results on time, efficiently and effectively.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest

Web Portals & Mobile Apps

Concept, Design & Development, UI, UX

Content Creation & Editing

Web Articles, Advertisements, Blog posts

Event Planning

Conferences, Trade Shows, Workshops, Corporate Events

Comprehensive Marketing Plans

Market Research, Consultation, Plan Creation

Common Questions

Many small business owners with no marketing
department often come to us with one or all
of the following questions:

Why go Social?

"I’m too busy running my business to learn everything about marketing and hence I feel I’m missing out on opportunities to market and grow my business."
"I don’t have the budget like these big companies to implement these crazy marketing solutions that can generate me thousands of leads so what can I do that doesn’t cost me too much but yield great results for my size of business?"
"I know what to do but I don’t have the time nor the staff to help me market my business."
"I know I need a new website and have some type of social media presence but I don’t know anything about online marketing and don’t have the time to learn."